About Me

Welcome to my website! If you’re visiting, you’re most likely a horror movie fanatic like myself. I became obsessed with horror movies around the age of two when my mother took me to the local video store in North Reading, MA. After accidentally stopping in front of the forbidden “Horror” section, I was immediately hypnotized by all the gloriously scary VHS covers.

Since then, it’s been my mission to watch and collect as many horror flicks as I can get my hands on. With the convenient invention of internet streaming platforms, it’s a much easier goal now than it was when I was in high school and had to rely on Blockbuster for my horror movie viewings.

In short, this website is dedicated to horror movies and it’s where you’ll find reviews, retrospectives, links to my YouTube video reviews, and some random fun stuff.

If you have any questions or requests, or just want to contact me, please send me a message at the Contact page. And don’t forget to visit my Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates!