DERANGED and ED GEIN Mini Reviews

Deranged (1974) Hysterically OTT Psycho dupe (that predated Texas Chainsaw Massacre by several months) about an Ed Gein-like simpleton (Roberts Blossom) whose obsession with his mother spirals out of control after she dies, resulting in him stealing her corpse and going on a grave robbing and killing spree. This early gore shocker is so distasteful that it’s rather unbelievable how well made it is, with good acting from Blossom, campy laughs, gross Tom Savini make-up, and a charmingly sleazy atmosphere. B+

Ed Gein (2000) Lacking the visceral detail and intensity of Ed Gein-inspired films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this “biographical” movie of the notorious Wisconsin grave robber and killer features a well cast Steve Railsback as Gein whose life of torment from his abusive, religious fanatic mother (Carrie Snodgress) slowly turns him into the maladjusted psychopath we have come to know. Despite it’s gruesome subject matter the film is surprisingly restrained, even dull at times, and some of the make-up FX seem cheesy and inauthentic. C